Marketing & Communications Coaching

An Hour a Week of Hands-On Context-Specific Help

Maybe you're in the middle! That beautiful spot between "do it for me" and "thank you, I'll do it myself."

You're not alone in that. Many organizations have smart and willing people who can help with your marketing and communications, but just not the experience or knowhow.

That's where coaching comes into play. Having managed writers, designers, developers and marketers for years, I've become really good at teaching the skills, answering the hard questions, and making sure you're on the road to success.

Nothing Fancy! Just good solid advice!

How It Works

In our weekly group coaching sessions, we'll meet via videoconference and make the most of the hour.

  • 15 minutes - I'll give a prepared presentation on the week's discussion topic

  • 15 minutes - I'll answer questions about the topic

  • 30 minutes - I'll answer previously submitted questions from the group, with hands-on demonstrations

  • I'll try my best to answer everyone's questions before we hang up!

Also, because we're people feel free to join 7 minutes before the session starts for idle chitchat. 

Topics We'll Cover

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Writing for the Web

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Analytics

  • Current Trends

  • Managing Part-time Resources

  • Tools of the Trade


Wednesdays at 8pm

We'll cover the topics that are essential to bringing in revenue and keeping customers happy.




Tuesdays at 8pm

We'll cover the topics surrounding effective communication and online community building.




Sundays at 5pm

Hands-On with your website and mine, essential design principles, and how to get the most from Wix.