Our Web Design Process

We start with a pretty safe assumption: You know your business, and you know your customers.

Second Assumption: You haven't found the best way to connect with your customers on the Web.

That's okay because that's what we do best! But we need to ask you a few questions first:


Tell Us About Your Business

What Products or Services do you offer?

This is often 3-5 items or categories

What three things make your products or services awesome?

Often called "value propositions," these are a few things you work hard at that your customers appreciate about you. They may even set you apart from the competition.

Who are two or three of your competitors?

Keeping an eye on the competition lets you know what other messages your potential customers are getting.

What do your customers need from you?

What need are you filling, or what problem are you solving? This could be material, like "their air conditioning is broken" or more experiential, like "the need to relax."

What do your customers have in common?

Are they mostly women or men? Of a certain age, in general? High income? Students? Knowing the "big group" can help us tailor your website to their needs.

How do you want your customers to think of you?

This is your brand image. Are you sophisticated or whimsical? Fun or business-like? Bright or subdued colors?

What do you want visitors to your website to do?

Ask for an appointment? Spend a certain amount on your products? Sign up for your service?

What fears or objections might they have?

What is it that might prevent your typical customer from calling you, adding something to their shopping cart, or signing up for your service? These are things we'll want to address up front.

Anything else you want to tell us?

If it's important to you we want to know.