Small Business, Big Challenge

Small and medium-sized businesses have a unique growth challenge: They're great at their business, but they don't have the digital marketing skills it takes to get new customers online. 

While they may be able to check the boxes (“website ... check, Facebook Page ... check, Google Ads ... check”) real growth continues to be elusive. 

The activities of digital marketing seem easily within the grasp of the average social media enthusiast. 

But the truth is to be found online, to win clients, and to retain happy customers requires thorough research, informed planning, top-notch execution, and a growth mindset.

Phil Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Phil White brings the right skills—sharpened through a career in corporate communication and digital marketing—to a few small businesses that recognize competing in today’s marketplace is a pro’s game.

Together, we don’t just check the boxes. We create an integrated marketing plan that leverages the strengths of each marketing channel to achieve measurable results.

Here's What Phil Does

Create Content That Wins

From website copy that tells a compelling story, to installation guides that make happy first-time experiences.


I select photos that speak, and create infographics that make it “all click.”

Optimize Ad Campaigns

Created based on best practices, but evolving based on real-world data.


Far from “set it and forget it,” I do both regular maintenance and periodical reevaluations to ensure the best return on investment.

Build Integrated Campaigns

Designing experiences that consider every touch: from search results to landing page, from headline to call to action, from successful sale to remarketing return.


I make the connections that make a difference.

Guide Activities Through Insight

Reports that mean something. All marketing is an experiment, but it should never be conducted in the dark.


I find the data that matters, and explain why and what to try next.

SEO That Grabs Marketshare

Excellent content that answers pressing needs (and plenty of it) wins every time. But an experienced SEO finds the opportunities others have missed.


I research current trends even before settling on a topic and revisit articles that perform to make them even better.

Learn From Others

Digital Marketing is a big-data exercise, so those who work on the biggest accounts see things we can’t.


I follow trusted sources that shape industry best practices. Then I prove their techniques in our context.

Hire Phil!

Phil White

1478 Napier Terr

Lawrenceville, GA 30044


Work Experience

Yardstick Digital Marketing – Since September 2017

“There’s nothing like holding the reigns.” That’s a quote from the character Jean Luc Picard, captain of the Starship Enterprise. And it’s true. I have always wanted the opportunity to work hands-on with small businesses — the people who work hard every day to serve their communities.

So in September 2017 when my oldest child, away at college, became critically ill and needed constant care, freelancing was the perfect option. I was able to be at home with her in the early days, work from the hospital when things got worse, work from rehab while she improved, and finally work from home now that she has returned to college. You can read more about Mariel’s remarkable journey if you would like.

Along the way, I’ve had the benefit of being hands-on in every aspect of digital marketing: website design and development, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, and content marketing. I truly enjoy both designing and executing marketing campaigns, and working with my clients who depend on their businesses’ success to put food on their tables.

NovoLogic January 2017–September 2017  – Product Owner

Joined an agile (Scrum) software development team that was in transition from custom web services to a SaaS model. Worked directly with customers to better understand their needs and addressed those needs by creating user stories to guide developers in the enhancement of the product. 

Participated in daily stand-ups, refined the backlog, evaluated sprint builds and managed releases. Conducted industry research to inform our positioning and pricing. Developed a governance process to validate and prioritize incoming requests. Created a digital marketing strategy for the launch of the product.

Produced: user stories and flow diagrams, product roadmap, communication matrix, instructional videos, online help content, landing page content.

Fiserv 2011–2017     Director of Digital Marketing, Corporate

Managed a talented 7-person group of design, development, content and SEO/Analytics professionals to shape the digital experience for our clients. 

Managed, and was a key contributor to, the integration of 50+ marketing websites covering over 600 products into the new, as we transitioned from a holding company model to a master brand on an enterprise scale. This process involved the design and development of a simplified CMS interface that gave marketers around the company the ability to manage the first draft while allowing us to review, edit and publish the content only after ensuring it met brand standards. 

Seeing the need to increase sales to existing customers, developed and executed a strategy to bring them back to our website. The resulting community platform increased our customers’ exposure to other products, leveraging a stream of thought leadership content that was promoted on social media. 

Managed the migration from internal hosting to an external cloud service and system and application administration. The project team included representatives of Legal, Sourcing, IT, Security, and Finance. Managed the design and development of standalone websites, including an ATM locator, document management system, and interactive demos.

Produced: brand marketing pages, product marketing pages, landing pages, SEO campaigns, CMS templates, brand guidelines, email marketing campaigns, product requirements, website designs.

Fiserv 2009–2011     Online Technology and Design Manager

Created a new website architecture that would support all corporate products and services on the website. Learned the Open Text (RedDot) Website Management Services platform and rebuilt the corporate website from the ground up.

Managed the content and functionality of web forms built in Lotus Notes.
Managed several websites using proprietary CMS systems.

Kaneva 2007–2009    Director of Experience Design

Led a design and content team that helped users understand the complex environment of the “World of Kaneva,” a marriage of web-based social tools and a 3D virtual world. 

Applied direct response principles to our landing page content, and used multi-variant testing to constantly improve its effectiveness in converting new customers.

Streamlined web application user interfaces, created easy-to-follow visual documentation and recorded video tutorials to help new members love their new virtual world while mastering the basics. 

Produced: marketing web pages, marketing emails, banner ads, social media promotions, instructional content, web application user interfaces, video tutorials

EarthLink (MindSpring) 1998–2007    Managing Editor, Technical

Led a team of 5 technical editors who pushed the bounds of print and interactive media to create instructional content that helped our customers get the most out of our software products. 

Throughout my time at EarthLink, my team was known as innovative, adaptable and dependable. Our communications with customers were an integral part of helping the company manage tremendous customer growth and shifts in technology.

Produced: support websites, technical support articles, online help, installation manuals, product marketing materials, help web sites, product requirements documents, and user interface copy.

MindSpring 1996–1998    Lead Technical Writer

Designed and built MindSpring’s first support website. Wrote technical support articles. Coordinated assignments for and mentored other technical writers.

Recent Articles


  • Content marketing

  • User experience design

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Pay-per-click advertising management

  • Building high-functioning production teams

  • Managing remote teams (17 years)

  • Gathering requirements

  • Maintaining brand standards

  • Designing processes for operational efficiency and quality, including agile processes

  • Bridging the gap between inside and outside points of view

  • Processing image, video and audio files for web delivery

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Phil White

1478 Napier Terr

Lawrenceville, GA 30044