Confessions of an SEO – Part 2

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

If you read about my SEO embarrassment in the first article on this series, you know that Yardstick Digital hasn’t been doing the very thing we’ve been using to help our clients be successful.

We haven’t been working on our website’s ability to attract searchers. We haven’t paid attention to our SEO.

Well, I’m back 30 days later for our first update, and guess what?

It’s worse!

"We only had 30 organic visits in the last month,

compared to 35 the previous month.

Should I PANIC?"

Static Stats Sadness

Panic? Absolutely not.

Anyone who tells you that you can improve organic traffic in 30 days is either seriously misinformed or desperate for your business. It takes time for search engines like Google to give you the credit you deserve for your new content.

"But it went DOWN!"

Did it?

From 35 people showing up in a month to 30? Not really statistically relevant. So no, I’m not panicking.

In fact, I see some good stuff!

The Good News – People Are Happier

  1. The Bounce Rate is down. Fewer people are leaving after seeing just one page

  2. Pages / Session is up. People are (again) viewing more than one page.

  3. Average Session Duration is up! People are spending more time on the site.

Later on, these three closely related “engagement” metrics will start to show more distinct information, but right now they all indicate one very important factor for Google. People who are coming to the site through organic search are finding what they were expecting.

And When People Are Happier, Google Is Happier

Google likes it when you type in a search, click on a link, and then stay on that page. The more time you spend on that site, the better the job Google thinks they’ve done at playing matchmaker.

So when your organic search visitors spend more time on your site, Google will take notice and send more people your way. Stay tuned, and watch it happen!

So For the Record, What Have We Done?

In 30 days we have gotten a good start, but nothing amazing.

  1. Week 1 – Blog article on the website: SEO

  2. Week 1 – Facebook post, pointing to SEO article

  3. Week 2 – Blog article on the website: Google Ads

  4. Week 2 – Facebook post, pointing to Google Ads article

  5. Week 3 – LinkedIn post, point to SEO article

  6. Week 4 – Blog article on the website: Communication Engine

  7. Week 4 – Facebook post, pointing to Communication Engine article

  8. Week 4 – LinkedIn post, pointing to Communication Engine article

I don't mean to minimize it. It's been a fair amount of work.

The point is we're just beginning, and we're already seeing signs of new health. So stay tuned to see whether we can turn this around!

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